April Recap / May Goals

Well. I’ve had both fun and not fun; I got rear-ended about two weeks ago. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and we were both able to drive away. Despite this, however, my car was not fixable. 

Which made me sad, because even though it was a 25-year-old gas guzzler, it was a very reliable car. And it had character too, like when the CD player didn’t want to play so I had to resort to the radio or cassette player, or the parking brake light insisted on staying on after the brake had been released…and that everlasting squeak that we never truly found the source of. 

I know it’s just a car, but…yeah. I’m gonna miss it. 


I also went hiking up Green Mountain and am very much an out-of-shape potato. But it was worth it! (Apologies for the crappy photo; I didn’t think to bring my camera so I had to use my phone)

If you look veeeerrrryyyy cloesly, you can sort of see the Cascades…

Now, on to the reading and writing updates.


The two library books sitting on my desk are:

Bruce Catton’s The Civil War, which is really just a recap of the war in general.

Howard Hughes’ Mr. & Mrs. Madison’s War, which is about the War of 1812. I’m primarily reading this one because the prequel series to A Time For Everything starts with the Matthews family, and Paul – the male MC – is a veteran of that war, so…yeah. 

(I feel like I’m gonna be a walking encyclopedia after all the research I’m doing for ATFE and the Centuryverse in general because it starts in 1820 and ends in 1881-ish but also recalls the Revolutionary period…)

I also failed at re-reading Ivy Introspective for Kellyn Roth’s Alice & Ivy read-along…


…I got some writing done. I started prepping the drafts for the rest of the Everything books and made myself sad because I decided to add character lists that also have a mentioned section…about characters that have died before the series starts and characters that die…during…the series. 

I also have a new Matthews spinoff taking place in 1883. Unless plans change and it ends up not being a spinoff, but rather, the end of the Reconstruction storyline for the Matthews…I still don’t know how the sequel series as a whole is gonna be worked out. I’m not even sure how ATFE needs to be structured – it could be that I should just make multiple series, each centering around one aspect of the war, or posting it in an episodic like fashion. Idk.

Also, I’m kinda thinking of adding a ‘what happens to the characters’ section at the end of the Reconstruction series, in which I would explain how the Centuryverse spins off into the Arrowsverse, Woodsmanverse, and PTPverse…

OH. And on my serial story, Dearest Louisa, I wanted to get the first episode done and put up last week, but alas. Here’s to hoping I can get it up either this Saturday or the next Saturday. (And yes that aesthetic is still gonna show up…eventually)

But, here is a little preview:

Louisa rolled her eyes and sighed. “Yes,” she replied. “Now what’s this about Philip Henry that’s got you all flustered like a silly schoolgirl?”

Me, the author: Ohhh, girl, just wait and see. xD

Also, I think I’ve already said this before, but…DL might or might not eventually include a cameo from an ATFE character becauuuuse he’s at the same battle as Philip…so…you’re all getting spoiled on finding out he at least gets that far. (You’ll have to wait until the ATFE series to know whether he ultimately survives or not though 🙃)

Okay, what else-oh yeah. I’m going to try and submit to two more anthologies this year. One will give you all the feels and the other will also give you all the feels but I’m not saying what kind of feels they’ll give you. 

Okay, so…that’s about it for now. How was your April? Any plans for May?

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