March Recap / April Goals

March. The weather was fairly normal; we got some rain. I also got a job. I also didn’t get any of my Irish TBR done last month. Hardly listened to Irish music too. But that’s okay, there’s still eight months left in the year, right?

Anyway, on to the updates:


The only book I finished was a re-read of The Dressmaker’s Secret by Kellyn Roth.

Yeah. I’m pitiful.


I have too many WIPs right now.

  • The Gardener’s Daughter // The first of the prequel series to A Time For Everything (the series being titled Antebellum – I know, I’m boring), this is about Paul & Lydia Matthews in the early years of their marriage and may include an epilogue involving lil’ Ezekiel. I didn’t really get far with writing it. Honestly, it needs more brainstorming so that’s what I’ll do this month. Perhaps try to write some of it too.
  • A Time For War // The first of the ATFE series that is…seriously in need of help? I’m not sure if I actually did anything with it last month. This month, I’m going to try and focus more on the Matthews portion of the story, and then a little bit of the Adams/Taylor portion. (Also yesterday I may or may not have thought of something super bittersweet to add to the ATFE sequel series – specifically the Matthews portion)
  • Dearest Louisa // A Civil War Story* // My newest WIP baby that I started writing…this week? I also have more to say about it.
  • Harvest Moon (Woodsmanverse #4 – yes I’m writing these out of order why do you ask) // I don’t think I did anything with this last month. I’m going to try and wr-stop saying try. Hannah. *Yoda voice* Do or do not, THERE IS NO TRY.
  • To Love & To Cherish (A Woodsmanverse Story) Expansion // Again, didn’t really go anywhere, if at all, last month. Going to write some this month though.
  • Untitled Short Story // I actually do have a title – two titles actually, so I need to decide which one will be the final title. I’m going to submit it to an anthology and it will be another Woodsmanverse story!

*A Note On Dearest Louisa: A Civil War Story

This story isn’t going to be as in-depth in regards to the causes behind the war as A Time For Everything will be, though there will still be allusions to said causes. If you ask me, both sides were responsible for the war in their own way and they both wronged each other, especially when it comes to the prison camps.*

But, the ultimate point of this story is not to prove who was right and who was wrong. The ultimate point of this story, as with all my other stories, is that God is sovereign over all time and history, that He isn’t surprised by the terrible things us sinful humans do to each other, and that He uses our trials to draw us closer to Himself.


This story is also going to be very limited in scope given it only has two povs whereas ATFE has…uh…a dozen? Heh heh.

*Yes, I have something to say about this too. I know that there are people who will probably be annoyed at me for using Andersonville in this story. If my guess is correct, they’ll probably go “But what about (insert prison camp here)”

Here’s a reality check: Every single prison camp was terrible.




Every single man who was imprisioned at a camp suffered horribly, and some were even horrible to each other themselves. Yes, it’s true that some camps were worse than others – Andersonville happens to top the list in regards to a death rate, with Elmira in at second and Douglas at third. So it’s really no surprise to me that people know more about Andersonville then the other two.

But again, they were all terrible.

Whew, this was a long post. How was your March?

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