In Which The Weekend Brings 2 New Story Ideas

And both include soldiers who were thought to be dead. One takes place in the 1940s (not sure where yet though) and the other is yet ANOTHER Civil War story, though it has nothing to do with A Time For Everything, and already, I have:

  • a plot
  • names
  • hopefully a swoonworthy r o m a n c e
  • big brother-little brother type of relationship
  • lines that gut-punch you in the feels

Yeah. That was my weekend writing-wise. And if you want one of those lines, here it is:

“Lieutenant, don’t. It’s no good for us to dwell in the past. We must look ahead to the future, where the war has already ended and God has healed our hearts.”

Anyway, this vignette sort of story is very plainly and boringly called Philip & Louisa

Also, I might, uh, post one of the vignettes as a flash fic at some point…I want to get at least one more Matthews flash fic posted before the month is over.

That’s really it for now. I don’t really have an update on anything Woodsman-y. I honestly do think I need to sit down and figure out a writing schedule. Like, having an allotted time slot and everything for each story I’m currently juggling.

(Just pick a story, Hannah. Just pick a story)

Anyway, how was your weekend? Any writing progress? Brainstorming? New story ideas?

4 thoughts on “In Which The Weekend Brings 2 New Story Ideas

  1. Eeeep, you have so many spectacular story ideas!!! I love it! I’m brainstorming a fantasy novella, but the ideas have just been simmering on the back burner, so to speak…I’m waiting till I get a really clear burst of inspiration and then I can get the ball rolling with that. XD

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    1. Oooh nice! Is this your Evangeline novella?? Or was that a novel??

      As an aside, I’m currently in the throes of the heroine reading a Mr. Darcy-like confession of love letter from her love interest and giving myself all the feels bc of it, so…yeah. xD

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      1. Actually, it’s not, although I have been thinking about that too! The one I’m working on is a totally new fantasy world! 😂

        *melts* AHHH GIRL! I LOVE THAT. (Which book is it?)

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        1. Awesome!!

          It’s the new Civil War story I got! Since I have it in mind to make it a collection of vignettes, I’m now considering (and probably will) posting them on my blog, starting…perhaps this week?? Next week?? (Maybe someday it’ll be a book…)

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