In Which Brainstorming Adds More PAIN

Well…so much for wanting to post earlier in the week. I think I might be running out of steam in regards to blog posts, at least right now.

Like, I had an idea to refine a drafted post from last year but then it just…didn’t go anywhere. Or maybe I was just lazy about it. Or maybe the thing to make it ‘click’ hasn’t popped up yet…idk.

On the other hand, I have been getting some writing and outlining done.


I have Charity’s arc for the first book planned out and am almost done with Zeke’s! I also ended up with more pain for the series: a random historical fact popped into my head last night and now I’m actually gonna use it to foreshadow a character’s death because I apparently can’t give these guys a break.

When I say I’m putting them through the wringer, I am putting them through the WRINGER.


ITS FINALLY GETTING SOME STEAM. WAHOO!! Here’s to hoping I can somehow hit 5k by tonight, lol.

Anyway, that’s it for now. How’s your writing going?

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