January Recap / February Goals + Fun Things

Is it just me or did January go by at a snail’s pace? I kinda feel like it went by pretty slow…


I didn’t write or read as much I wanted to. I only finished two books, The Doctrine of The Lesser Magistrate and and ARC of CROWN by Madisyn Carlin.

As for writing, my attempt to write Harvest Moon quickly went down the drain. I did try outlining more of A Time of War, and restarted on The Woodsman. I’m actually going to be trying something different with TW; I’m gonna try and write each chapter like it’s its own short story. Dunno how that’ll go.

I also knitted.


Write and read more.


I got accepted to another anthology! Seize The Love releases on Valentine’s Day, just like Tell Me You Love Me! And they’re both up for preorder! Both preorder prices end on February 14th, so be sure to snag your copy while it lasts!

Preorder TMYLM HERE.

Preorder STL HERE.

Also, in regards to Seize The Love, there are preorder goodies:

  • A digital Bible verse to print
  • A digital recipe card
  • Printable bookmarks
  • Downloadable desktop/phone wallpapers
  • A set of stickers mailed near release day

The form for those is right HERE.

That’s all for today! What’re your plans for February?

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