Tell Me You Love Me Blog Tour: For Better or For Worse Story Details

Hey, guys! We’re moving along here on the Tell Me You Love Me blog tour and today I’m going to share a couple of details about For Better or For Worse!


To those who don’t know better, nothing appears remarkable about Will & Susie Gray’s life. They have a roof over their heads, a stable job, and three energetic children to raise. 

Yet his experience in Vietnam has never stopped haunting Will, causing Susie to worry for his state of mind. Though he reassures her he’s fine, Will knows he’s not. The nightmares have come back, stealing the sleep he craves. To make matters worse, he fears he’s starting to forget important details about his life. 

All Susie wants is for her husband to be okay. All Will wants is for the nightmares to go away, to have the ability to once more rest peacefully at night.

Taking place in 1982, with a flashback to 1968, For Better or For Worse centers around Will & Susie Gray. It serves as a tiny prequel to TW, given that Will & Susie are the parents of one certain Jonathan Gray.

I don’t remember how I got the idea to use Will & Susie, but I’m glad I did! Also, there’s definitely going to be more stories about them, including a novel or novella about how they met. If it goes the novel route, it could end up as a duology, with one half showing how they met and fell in love while the other half has Will in Vietnam and Susie back at home raising baby Jonathan. (Ok that’s a good and bittersweet idea; I’m gonna use that idea)

I only have a tiny storyboard due to not making it until like, a week or so ago. But because I cannot get JUST that specific section to show up here, I will link it right HERE.

Also, if you’re wondering about the cause of Will’s memory issues: Due to the effects of his combat-related PTSD and past alcohol abuse, he’s developed a rare form of amnesia called dissociative amnesia. From what I’ve read up to this point, though considered rare, it could also be genetic. There’s also another view that suggests it’s under-diagnosed (which honestly wouldn’t surprise me).

There’s also a giveaway, which started on the 17th and will end on the 31st, where the winner will be announced in Grace’s post to cap off the tour!

The prize is an e-copy of Tell Me You Love Me and several surprise prizes. Entrants must be eighteen years of age or have their parent’s permission to enter. To enter, comment on the posts in the tour and each comment equals an entry. Replies to other comments do not count.

Tour Schedule

Grace A. Johnson – tour kickoff – January 17th

Michaela Bush – January 18th

H.S. Kylian  – January 19th

Michaela Bush – January 19th

Amelia Cabot on Of Blades and Thorns – January 20th

Issabelle Perry – January 23rd

Lydia M. Jupp on Of Blades and Thorns – January 23rd

Maggie Copeland on Of Blades and Thorns – January 24th

Sarah Lawton – January 25th

Saraina Whitney – January 26th

Katherine Perry – January 27th

Mackenzie Hendricks – January 30th

Lucia Molano – January 31st

Grace A. Johnson – tour ends – January 31st

Well, that’s it for today! Be sure to check out Michaela’s post – it’s a character interview with Will & Susie!

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  1. Ohh, that storyboard is perfect!!! Yay, I’m so glad to know there are going to be more stories about Will and Susie! 😀 (I love bittersweet stories XD)

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