Tiny Weekly Writing Update #3 / Nov.

In which I was stuck in the Pit of 20k Despair nearly all week and then managed to get to 25k last night…

The Woodsman: I knew how I wanted it to go, I just couldn’t get it there. Then after some tweaking and switching around the prologue of The Woodsman to be the prologue of Harvest Moon and vice versa, plus skipping ahead to start Chapter 12 when Chapter 11 wasn’t finished yet after which I just gave up and decided to have the start of Chapter 12 be the actual ending to Chapter 11 and so Chapter 12 will end up starting differently. Here’s to hoping I can make it to 30k by tonight.

Harvest Moon: Still need to sit down and get this moving along more. There won’t be any snippet, sadly.

A Time For War: Officially on hiatus as I’m going to try and do a little more research and get the outline worked out more so that I actually have a roadmap. I’ve also thought of writing out scenes across all five books to get them out of my system and to see how the characters grow throughout the series as they come to realize the magnitude of God’s sovereignty. As a result, there won’t be any snippet.


That’s that for today! How’s your writing going?

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