A Journey Down The Old Stories Hole

Hey, everyone! So, I was going through old writings recently. Some of these old stories have morphed into something else over the years, others have stopped completely. But nevertheless, I found a few, uh, ‘gems’, and thought I’d share ’em.

*dusts stories off*


Let’s take a peek, shall we?

First up is Masquerade. This one came about because of a blog post by K.M. Weiland. It was about a widowed detective with a 4-5 year-old son who had to protect a spoiled society queen and they fell in love, yada yada. It was set in Britain in the 1840s. I am simultaneously mortified and amused at this snippet (secondhand embarrassment for Vanessa, perhaps?)

Honestly, I still kinda like this one. But let’s move on.

This is from A Treasure Worth Fighting For, a treasure hunting story set during the Depression. I think it was inspired by the Tintin movie. The snippet is from the prologue, which took place in the 1850s. Anyway, it was about a teenage girl with Scandinavian ancestry whose great-grandfather was a sea captain who brought a supposedly cursed treasure aboard his ship. She ends up leaving home to find her older half-brother, who is himself a sea captain, so that they can find the treasure.

Still kinda want to write this one…but make it less cheesy and…more adventury. Also, every time or almost every time I think of the title, I sing it in my head to the tune of ‘A Girl Worth Fighting For.’

This is Snøfall. It was basically Zorro in Norway and it was my first NaNo project.

It also doesn’t exist anymore; it morphed into a different plot, names got taken for other stories (the daughter’s name was Mette, which is now the name of the heroine in my fantasy trilogy), plot elements got copied and used for other stories, like the next one I’m about to share.

This, friends, is Robin Hood & Cinderella. Yeah, I know, Very original title. Ha. It was, as you can guess from the title, inspired by Robin Hood and Cinderella but it had an Anastasia twist. (As in the 1997 movie not the actual Anastasia).

Also Rolf’s dad died at the end. Very sad.

This one still technically exists but now as Ella & Captain Todd. What happened was that I meshed this with another story that was about a princess and privateer (who was secretly a missing prince). And now EACT has recently gotten meshed with a dead story, The Flag Bearer, and revived’ as a novel’ it’s still called Ella & Captain Todd but now it’s set during the American Revolution.

Okay I think that’s enough. xD

Update: As it turns out, I actually talked about Snøfall and Robin Hood & Cinderella in these posts here and here. Haha. Just like me to forget.

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