Tiny Weekly Writing Update #2 / Nov.

Time for another writing update – and dialogue snippets. Also, I’m tagging it as #2 because the Know The Novel post was technically the first writing update of November…

A Time For War: This one has gone back to the drawing board, though I did manage a couple hundred words earlier in the week.

The Woodsman: I hit 18k on Tuesday! Trying to get to 20k is a plod; hopefully I can catch up today!

Harvest Moon: I started going through old drafts of TW (as in, the most recent old drafts), and started highlighting stuff I wanted for it. It’s going to be pretty much what TW was supposed to be minus the mystery. Though there will still be hints of the mystery that is in TW…HM is basically a prologue.


That’s it for today! How’s your writing coming along?

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