Character Memes (Because I’m Bored)

Hello and good rainy afternoon folks! So, a couple years ago, I did a couple of posts using my characters for memes that I’d seen around Pinterest (you can find them here and here). Well, today I was going through junk files on my laptop and I found the memes!

But…some of these stories have changed…soooo I decided to redo them. (Also I renamed another character)

Without further ado, here are the PTP memes, edited to accommodate the new characters.

I’ll do some ATFW/TW ones sometime later this week.

2 thoughts on “Character Memes (Because I’m Bored)

    1. Ehehehe, I’ll try to have as much hilarity as possible in this series ’cause the main plotline is Serious Stuff.™

      Also, I love these character relationships but…I need to get back into their heads. xD


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