Update On Arrows + TW

So. Last year, I had that beta thing going on with Arrows. Then we moved. I got lazy and didn’t work much on Arrows, if at all. We got settled in. And I was still lazy in working on Arrows, then just didn’t.

Then life happened. I’m not going into any details here, but we could use some prayer right now.

Now…for the writing update.

Arrows is now most definitely going to be an episodic approach, in the sense that if it were a TV show, each episode would be about 20-30 min. Maybe 40 on some days, and of course, there’d be a couple of two-parters. Those episodes will then be compiled into volumes.

My question is…is there anyone who would like to be a beta reader for Arrows, to read each episode as they’re written, then again when they’re compiled into a volume?

The Woodsman will be the same way, only it will be episodic in the miniseries sense. So that’s 1 1/2-2 hour episodes.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to have the form up for Arrows by the end of the week, and the form for The Woodsman will come later on, perhaps by Thanksgiving. (it does still need an editor)

Anyway, that’s about it for today’s writing update! Also, If you were a beta reader last year, that’s totally fine! I’d love to have you again!

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