Five Fall Favorites – Historical Fiction Is Also My Jam

It’s Day 5! Historical fiction has always been a favorite of mine, and combined with romance – *chef’s kiss*

My eyes are watering. THIS BOOK. My goodness, how can I describe it??

EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WAS CONNECTED AND IT WAS PERFECT. No connection felt out of place; they all FIT.

And the end-THE END. MY WORD THAT IS THE BEST CLIMAX TO A BOOK I HAVE EVER READ. I seriously feared for one character, and was all “DON’T YOU DARE DIE!”

The romances were all so sweet and natural and oh my word…

And the way the plot built up, just like the-wait, that might be a spoiler. But it was oh so PERFECT, and the story FLOWED so naturally.

The message was the best part. About there being light amid all the dark and about letting that light SHINE and of course, it all pointed towards Christ being the Light and our Rock and-EMOTIONS. SO MANY EMOTIONS.

I can’t even pick out a favorite character; I LOVED THEM ALL. Well…save for Eva’s dad and William’s stepfather, even though he wasn’t shown.





2022 retrospect: I still want to punch you-know-who.

I…never actually reviewed this, hehe. I did really like it though! This series is one of my favorites!

I didn’t have a review for this one, so I re-read it. As always, K.M.’s descriptions are on point! I also really wish this were a novel…I feel like this would make for a really good novel!

HOW have I not put my review of this up on Goodreads yet?? IT’S BEEN FOUR MONTHS. Er, almost four months.


WELL. This was an excellent story! With well-written romances to boot! Like yes, can we have more romances like those please, especially with married couples.

The theology was a little ‘off’ to me (probably because I’m no longer Baptist and no, it’s not the immersion by water; that I definitely agree with), but it didn’t detract from the story. It’s also not preachy, even though the main character is a preacher. Everything was woven in seamlessly!

Also, I never heard of the Regulator uprising until I came across this book! Makes the whole ‘freedom of religion’ thing that came up during the Revolution have a whole lot more background and meaning to it. I seriously did not know that Baptists were being persecuted by the Anglican Church. (Though I’m not surprised…*glares at England*)

And it also sounded realllly similar to what’s been going on lately…cough cough)

2022 retrospect: Ok but this is such a good book. Not only do we need more books like this, we need more books tackling the conscience issue. As Martin Luther stated 5 centuries ago… “My conscience is held captive by the Word of God. And to act against conscience is neither right nor safe.”

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