Writing/Reading Update

I’m ready for fall. Anyone else ready for fall? I just want it to be pumpkin season so I can make homemade pumpkin pie again…


The Woodsman: Autumn is coming along quite well-ish. I’d say it should be done by the end of this week, if not the next.

Arrows is…not quite there yet. I know I said it’s going to be episodic, and it will, but I think I need to step back and figure out what’s going to constitute an entire episode.

As for reading, I started on Bruce Catton’s Mr. Lincoln’s Army despite not being done with the million library books I already have. I also set up some of the headings for A Time For War and originally, I was just going to put Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 at the beginning of the book but then I had a better idea…

Ok so technically, verse 1 is still at the beginning of the book, but after that, each subsequent verse is going to be attached to the intro for each family.

How’s it going on your end?

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