Writing Update + Plus Something Else

I have officially given up on Arrows being an actual novel.

I don’t know what it is, but Arrows just doesn’t work as a novel. Or two. Or three. So, I’m going to write it in an episodic manner (ironically something I’ve already tried doing before), and then just…publish each episode on regular Kindle. I plan on each episode being about 5-8k words, maybe even 10k.

As for The Woodsman, it too is getting the episodic treatment but in a different way. It’s going to be split between three novellas, roughly 20-30k each, and with subtitles denoting what season each novella takes place during: Autumn, Winter, Spring. (Perhaps there’ll be a Summer someday 😉)

In regards to Preserving The Past and NTCR-10 (my Nutcracker retelling in SPACE), those are going to go onto Kindle Vella, just to try it (Vella) out. If it doesn’t work out, the regular Kindle it is.

With A Time For Everything, I’m still plodding through research. interesting fact: at one point the Glade Springs Rifle Company thought they would be captured by the Federals, and so the color bearer buried one of their flags in the mountains to save it from capture. As it turned out, they avoided the Federals completely and so now there’s a Confederate flag buried somewhere in the mountains of West Virginia.

As for the other thing…

I’m offering editing and proofreading services on the site now! You can check it out here!

That’s it for today! How’s your writing going?

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