Monthly Reads + Writing Results: July / August Goals



I only finished two books, A Prayer Unanswered, by Kellyn Roth, and The House on Dagger Point, by Christy Barritt. Since I recently posted a review of APU, I’ll just share my review for THODP here:

Stayed up late to finish this. I was kinda skimming it by the end. Personally, out of all three books, I think the second one was a little more developed. This one needed about two more drafts; I also found an editing error. There’s also more telling than showing, and it is lacking in the depth department. The plot, as with the other two, are good ideas; they just needed more fleshing out, more depth, more balance between tell and show.

I didn’t agree with some of the word choices for this quote: “I hate to say it, but there’s probably a little bit of that rebellion in all of us—a little bit of the desire for forbidden fruit. It goes all the way back to Adam and Eve.”

‘Probably’ should be replaced with ‘definitely’ and ‘a little bit of that’ and ‘a little bit of the’ should be completely removed to read “there’s rebellion in all of us-desire for forbidden fruit.”

Why? Because there is rebellion in all of us humans and it isn’t a little bit. (Romans 3:10-12, 3:23, among thousands of other verses confirming the depravity of mankind)

Anyway…the concept is good, it just needed more polishing.


I ended up doing some copy/paste for TW because there were bits from an earlier draft I still wanted. I’m going to go through another earlier draft to see what else I can add.

Arrows…has a new begining-ish.

As for my Civil War series, I, uh, kind of got more library books.

Well, that’s all for today. What’re your writerly plans for August?

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