Writing/Reading Update

But first, a weather update: It. Is. Hot.

So hot.


I’ve been sucked into Lee Vs. McClellan: The First Campaign, by Clayton R. Newell. I’m currently at Page 114, and guys…this book is so informative, I have a zillion of those sticky tabs poking out of the copy I picked up at the library because I want to write allllllllll the notes down. I’m reading it for the purpose of researching for my Civil War series, A Time For Everything.

Speaking of ATFE, I found a sheet of old notebook paper with a list of titles from way back when me and a friend were trying to come up with a title for it when it was still just two books. And boy, are the titles the cheesiest thing ever. I’m actually super embarrassed by them…😆

Okaaaaaaaay, I’ll give you ONE title: The Winds of Love In War

*cringe* (on second thought…nope, still cheesy)

*cough* Anyhoo…here are the very pretty notebooks I have for outlining the series…the story part, at least. All the historical background will have to be written down in a bigger notebook bc there’s only so much room in each of these ones…


Regarding The Woodsman, which has safely had only one title since its conception, I wrote a tiny bit yesterday! Arrows on the other hand…

How’s your summer going?

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