Writing Update

What’s this?? Am I actually posting more regularly during the one month where I usually lag in writing things?? (Okay so maybe I already used up all my lagging earlier this year when I hardly posted during the months that I usually post kinda regularly…)


I’m actually making a teeny tiny bit of progress with The Woodsman. Arrows not so much. And as for my Civil War series, A Time For Everything


No joke, I have 70-ish books to read. Some I own, some are school books, and the vast majority are going to be library books. I’ve also found resources online. But I’m mostly going to rely on the books, particularly books that were written in the last century and have sources going waaaaaaaaaaaay back to the 1860s. Bonus if the sources are themselves from the actual 1860s, such as official records that I’ve found on this site right here: https://collections.library.cornell.edu/moa_new/waro.html

(please don’t yell at me for what they call the Civil War; I am but a humble researcher who wants to get her hands on anything and everything she can so that her books are as accurate as they can be)

I think the books I’m going to be mainly drawing from are Henry Steele Commager’s The Blue and The Gray and quite a bit of Bruce Catton’s books because A) Commager spent 12 years of his life gathering together and transcribing the actual documents from that time period and B) Catton actually knew Civil War veterans during his childhood. (He was born in 1899)

Someday, I shall put together the list of books I read – including books about how the Civil War affected the West though that will only be referenced and not shown in the series though I might eventually do a miniseries on that since I have another character from another story whose father was involved in that part of the war.

So that brings the total of all my stories that have something to do with the Civil War to…10?

Heh. (Oh, did you know that Irish veterans of the Civil War tried to invade Canada and hold it hostage until Ireland was given independence?)

Well, that’s about it for now. Hopefully I can get TW done…in like the next month or so…

How’s your writing coming along?

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