Update On Throwback Stories

Hey! Happy early Independence Day! *fireworks explode in the distance*

I do plan on a proper 4th of July post, so stay tuned! For now, I thought it would be fun to drag my ye olde writings into the limelight again.

I don’t know if you all remember that time that I shared my cringey writings from my childhood/teenagehood, but here’s updates on the ones that I’m still brewing on that back burner and ones that are dead (technically the horse one has already been dead for like fifteen years so I’m not counting it):

Snøfall/Legend of Svendsen: In Bones’ words, “He’s dead, Jim.” I haven’t thought about this story or the revision it turned into in a reallllllly long time, so…yeah. Bits and pieces of it may have influenced other stories though.

Henrik & Annika: To quote Mrs. Biddle from The Happiest Millionaire: “Dead, dead, dead.” (though technically the alligators weren’t dead so this…honestly I’m just gonna use it as a fairytale in the Gunnar & Mette-verse)

Memories In My Dreams: Dead as a doornail.

Now for the stories that are still kicking…(“wHAT? A LLAMA?? HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!!) (i had to quote it ok 😂)

A Time For Everything: Not only do I still plan on embarking on this series in the future, especially since it’s connected to Preserving The Past, I also have TWO more Civil War stories, one for the Arrows-verse, and one for the Woodsman-verse. Both of those will each be one book though. Maybe novella length.

Robin Hood & Cinderella/The Princess & The Privateer: Yes, the most recent revision of this one is still kicking too! Somewhat. I haven’t thought of it in a while, but I do want to get around to it sometime…

Untitled WWII Story/The Bookmark: This, my friends, turned into another Woodsman-verse story a few years ago. Yes, I’m writing more than one Woodsman book and they’re all gonna be out of order because there’s no over-reaching storyline. As of now, there ar…uhh… lots of books and TW is the only one with a permanent title:

Daisies: Post-Civil War, but with flashbacks. And pain. // Martin & Priscilla: WWI – about Jonathan’s grandmaternal great-grandparents, who will be referenced in The Woodsman. // Ford & Betty: WWII, about Jonathan’s maternal grandparents. // The Drifter: About Jonathan’s parents and it involves the Vietnam War. // The Woodsman: About Jonathan… // The Redemption: About a different character that I shall not name because SPOILERS.

Plus potential flash fiction collections taking place between the stories…

Anyway, that’s it for today. How’s it going on your end? What’re your plans for Independence Day, my fellow Americans?

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