Writing Update

Well…May is going by fast, didn’t it? Is it just me or does getting older make time seem to go faster? Anyway…

I’ve got updates for FOUR wips:

The Woodsman: I am stuck at EXACTLY 23,000 words. I don’t know what it is but I need to do something to get the gears going again. I did write a snippet last night in regards to a certain character who will likely get a redemption arc in…sigh, a spin-off. What is it with me and spin-offs that involve former antagonists/villains getting redemption arcs? First Ethan, now this guy!

Arrows: Got started on this again. I’m applying the same timeslip technique I’m using for The Woodsman and I think it’s working. Honestly, I think I like timeslips. But I don’t want all my stories to be timeslips. Which brings me to…

Preserving The Past: I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I’m going to try and give it a TV-show kind of format. It’ll have flashbacks too, but it won’t be as timeslippy as the other two.

NTCR-10: I don’t remember if I already mentioned this somewhere else, but I think I might turn this into a serial. In the past, I’ve started and dropped multiple serial stories from the blog. Now I want to try again and hopefully, it’ll stick this time.

Anyway, that’s about it. How’s your writing going?

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