Monthly Reads: April / Writing Results + Goals

Hey, all! I did not realize until late last night that I completely forgot to post an update yesterday! Though I usually post updates on the first of every month, the first in this case was Sunday.

Anyway, let’s get into it!


I only got around to finishing more of the Villains Ever After books:

The Sorcerer and the Swan Princess / Lucy Tempest

A retelling of Swan Lake which got 2.5 stars. I was expecting more, tbh. I’d say at the moment, this is below the BatB retelling, which is below The Goblin and The Dancer. (Let’s face it, Goblin and Dancer is gonna be #1 all the way bc I love Allison’s retellings)

(As an aside, prior to reading this, or maybe after, I don’t remember, I was watching a video on YouTube that took the Barbie Swan Lake hilariously out of context and it GAVE ME AN IDEA SO NOW I HAVE AN IDEA FOR A SWAN LAKE RETELLING STUCK IN MY HEAD)

The Baker and The Wolf / J.M. Stengl

A retelling of Red Riding Hood, which got 3 stars.

Hansel & The Gingerbread Queen / Lea Doue

A retelling of Hansel and Gretel. 4 stars and this is #2 on my list of favorites from this series. The romance may have moved a little fast, but hey, it’s a novella. The sidekicks were hilarious and cute, the fiend was very, very creepy (I might be a little too happy to have guessed what was going to happen to him in end with the fox), and Evony and Hansel were sweet together. That ending… 😍

The Stepsister and The Slipper / Nina Clare

A retelling of Cinderella which got 2 stars.


I didn’t make it to my 5k goal for either Arrows or PTP.

But I made it to my adjusted goal of 15k for The Woodsman. And then upped it to 20k. And hen surpassed it by reaching 21k. At that point, I hit a dead end, so now I’m taking a step back to edit what I have. Currently, I’ve made it to 22k.


The Woodsman: Once the current edits are done, I’m going to shoot towards a goal of another 20-22k, then edit again, then do another 20-22k, then maybe do another round. I’m hoping to reach an ultimate goal of between 60-80k.

Arrows: Maybe try to get back into it?

PTP: Might have to take a break from this one for a while and just let it stew in my mind.

How was your April?

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