February Writing Results / March Writing Goals

February is over, guys. It is now March.

While society is certainly going to talk about women (#pleasestopiamawomananditsannoying), I’m going to be over here blasting the Irish tunes (“Loooooow lie the fields of Athenry…”) and getting back into my Irish book pile because Jack’s maternal grandfather is fully Irish, having immigrated as a child due to the Irish War of Independence. I also have Owen & Cate from Finnegan’s Valley, which is part Potato Famine, part Oregon Trail…and Kelly also has Irish ancestry…and a couple other characters scattered across other WIPs also have Irish ancestry (along with Scots).

So…yeah. No woman’s history month here; it’s more of an Irish history month for me. American I may be, but there’s just something about the Irish that makes you want to dance and sing and be merry. Plus I’ve got Irish ancestry myself.

(It’s the jigs. I’m sure of it)


February Writing Results

Arrows: Decided to go for an episodic approach, and I think it’s working! I hope to have it completely finished by the end of March so that I can do a second round of beta-readers.

The Woodsman + others: A tiny bit of brainstorming and a flash fic involving a much older Jonathan & Nicki in the modern day (they’re so cute 💞). As for other WIPs, a little bit of brainstorming or going over scenes I already plan on adding to said WIPs. Preserving The Past got revived because of an episode of Forged In Fire, which we’ve been watching lately. Long story short, one episode featured a cavalry saber, which then led to making Henry and Gabe Civil War re-enactors. I also decided to mix PTP with ZAF (Zero & Five, which is yet another WIP that has been sorely neglected) and oooooh boy is this gonna be juicy.

I did actually toy with that re-enactment idea for Arrows at one time, but then scrapped it. (Connor is still going to find Zeke’s uniform in the attic though). And that idea did also play around with having the PTP guys cameo as re-enactors…

Anyway, PTP now involves Civil War re-enacting. It’s always been connected to the Civil War, but this might give it even more depth! Maybe I’ll go back to it when Arrows is with a second round of betas…

March Writing Goals

Arrows: Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this draft and have a second team of betas.

The Woodsman + others: I’m also going to try and give The Woodsman a little attention. As for others, I kind of want to brainstorm the new version of PTP. Or I could give my other Civil War projects some attention:

A Time For Everything, which is technically a prequel to PTP.

Daisies, which is kind of a prequel to The Woodsman. (TW already might have two other prequels…maybe even a third! Plus a potential sequel??)

Annnnd Lilacs & Battlefields (definitely needs a better title; same with Daisies), which is…you guessed it…a prequel, this time to Arrows. (Arrows also has a second prequel!)

I may have a teensy fascination with the Civil War…


How did your writing go last month? What are your plans for this month?

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