Writing Update

Good afternoon, folks! Hope you’re all doing well today! It’s raining over in my neck of the woods; how’s the weather where you’re at?

Almost two weeks into 2022 and I’ve been reading like crazy! Taking a bit of break now, because writing calls. Haha.

Arrows, Volume 1: Still stuck in the 14k range. I may need to step back to straighten things out; maybe then it’ll start gushing out again.

The Woodsman: This needs some tidying up as well; I’ve decided to do a dual-timeline. But the other POV will only be sprinkled in at certain moments. It’s also going to end in tears, just putting it out there in advance.

I’ve also garnered a new story idea inspired by the movie While You Were Sleeping and already I have a plot that has already developed its own twists on the story, characters names, and a beginning and an end. Ish.

Of course, it’s still a baby idea *shoves aside snippets I’ve already started writing* and it isn’t a main project, just something to dabble in for fun at this point in time.

(Oh, did I mention it takes place post-Civil War in West Virginia?)

COUGH. Anyway, I’ve gotta divert focus onto Arrows if I want the second draft done by the end of February and back with an editor. That way I can start the second volume up again, and then The Woodsman can be bumped up to second place.

So, how’s your writing been going?

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