September Writing Results / October Writing Goals

My, my, September flew by!

October is one of my favorite months – the weather is perfect, the maples and other deciduous trees reach their prettiest, it’s the start of apple pies/crisps and pumpkin pies, tea (as if I haven’t already had a couple mugs of vanilla chai already, haha), and of course, there’s Reformation Day. We’re probably going to watch Luther (2004) – again. Even if we the family don’t though, I’ll still watch it. It’s a good movie. If I had my one book about Luther out, I’d finish reading it, but alas, it is still packed. (moving limbo life…)


Enough gushing about October; let’s get to the whole purpose for this post:

September Writing Results

Volume 1 of Arrows has a…signup sheet for beta-reading:

The Woodsman got a new angle to it…AGAIN. (I say that like I’m exasperated, haha…I am. I am very much exasperated at this little grumpy story)

Um…also got a new story idea, or maybe it’ll be added to another idea I already have (those poor characters)

I also have a side-story idea for Arrows. It’s about two of the side characters and it’s probably going to take over at some point, haha. I plan on it only being a novella though (glares at TW, which was SUPPOSED to be a novella) and might just offer it for free on the blog! (you might see it by Valentine’s Day. Idk yet)

October Writing Goals

Get Arrows: Volume II ready for beta-reading.

Get The Woodsman finished and ready for editing.

Try and start on the first book in the Gunnar & Mette trilogy.

Maaaaaaaaaaybe start on that little novella…

Well, that’s that! How’s your writing going? Any plans for October?

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