August Writing Results / September Writing Goals + SNEAK PEEKS

HAPPY SEPTMBER! It’s almost fall, it’s almost fall, it’s almost faaaaaaaaaall!

Though I like all of the seasons, fall has to be my favorite! The weather is perfect – sweaters on in the mornings but off in the afternoons – chai tea and cider abound, PRETTY LEAVES EVERYWHERE, and of course, PUMPKIN PIE!!


But alas, it is still the last vestiges of summer…buuuuut it’s starting cooling down where I live, enough to the point where I can comfortably wear jeans and even a button-up.

Anyway…just know that when fall does arrive, I’m going to go nuts. 😆

August Writing Results

Got some editing on Arrows done! Also, I decided I’m not gonna split it into multiple books…but I am editing it by sections, which will be going through a cycle of sorts – as in, when one section is with the editor, one will be with betas…hopefully.

I’m also up to Chapter 7 on the second draft of The Woodsman! I have Chapter 8 set up too, it just doesn’t have anything but the POV written at this point in time. I might still have a bit of editing to do too, since I switched what happens 5 and 7.

September Writing Goals

Getting the first section of Arrows with betas and section 2 with the editor!

Hopefully finish with The Woodsman.

Tiny Sneak Peeks

Arrows: Phyllis sighed. “Just take the whole jar, why don’t you?”

The Woodsman: His head whipped towards me, and he pinned me with a look that was half-glaring, half-pleading.

Annnnnnd that’s it for now! Man, I love these stories so much…but they can get a little bit stale with all the editing going on, not to mention this is like, actually the bajillionth draft of The Woodsman I’ve started since coming up with the idea in October 2018. It is one stubborn story, just like its titular character…

But hey, it just goes to show that sometimes, the original idea, while good, doesn’t always end up working. Sometimes, the original idea needs to be dissected and parts of it scattered into other ideas while the core of it – the theme – stays. Though then again, there’s still some of the original idea in TW.

How’s the writing going for you? Are you excited for fall too? I’m knitting myself another blanket – a lap one this time.

(P.S. The blog’s gonna look different on the 22nd. 😉)

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