Weekend Writing Update

Hello, folks! After January turned into a tortoise and February became a hare, March has settled into a steady pace. It’s going by fast, of course, but it doesn’t seem like it.

It’s also going back and forth between rain and sunshine, like it usually does here in the Pacific Northwest.


The Woodsman is on the back burner for now. Maybe. I did write a new scene today. But for the most part, it’s kind of missing the pizazz I want it to have, so I’m taking a bit of a break from it.

As far as Arrows goes. I’m going to be doing that for writing camp! And I’m going for a goal of…

…80k. 😱

The largest draft I’ve ever written was a little over 50k, and that was back in 2018, so this is kind of…ambitious, haha.

(translation: pray for my sanity)

Also, it’s a multigenerational story, meaning I get to play around with LOTS of characters and character development and relationships and all that good stuff! Like the fluff and the sweetness and the bitter-sweetness and the annnnnnngst.

Now, contrary to what my storyboard shows, the story will not be starting in the 1960s. Instead, John Jr. & Doris’s side of the story will be revealed through flashbacks and gut-wrenching confessions and…yeah.

How have you all been? How’s the writing going? Are you participating in any writing camps this month?

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