The Times She Said Yes

The first time she said yes, they were eighteen. Prom was coming up and neither had a date.

She had refused all the other boys in the hopes he would ask her; he had ignored the other girls vying for his attention because he only had her in mind.

The second time she said yes, they were twenty-three. Her parents had purposefully invited him to their picnic by a lake, hoping they would get the hint and talk about the ‘elephant in the room.’

They did.

The third time she said yes, he was twenty-four. She was a week away from turning the same. Unable to afford a fancy restaurant, her parents had dressed up their house and cooked the meal themselves.

She had thought it was just another date.

He asked her in the garden.

The fourth time, they were twenty-five. She said yes in a different way.

“I do.”

©2021 H.S. Kylian / The Writerly Worm

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