My Brief Take On Singleness + Life Update

So…yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I know, I could’ve done this post on Saturday, but I wasn’t thinking of this then, and I don’t post on Sundays plus I was playing in the snow pretty much all day yesterday.

So my take on the whole singleness issue is a day late. Hehe.

Alright, on the topic of singleness…

Yes, we should be content where we are, and we shouldn’t be moping about because we’re not in a relationship or engaged or married.

This does not mean we can’t hope for it. It also doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for it. Because God is the only one who knows with a 100% certainty whether we will marry or not.

Those who say “I’ll never get married!” (aka one of my teenage sisters) might end up married, just like those who say “I’ll get married!” might not.

All we can do is to remain content where we are right now. Who knows, some of us might up meeting our future husband or wife tomorrow. Or maybe we already know him/her. Maybe we talked to him/her yesterday. Or maybe he/she is in a different state or country and God’s just gonna have one of us visit or move there. xD

Maybe we won’t get married till we’re forty. (I’d like to not get married at forty, but I have no control over that). And maybe some of us will indeed stay single.

Everything is on God’s timing. His timing, not ours.

In short, we should be both content and prepared. Content where we are right now, prepared for the future. We can hope, but shouldn’t mope.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day! We had some snow fun…which then turned into slightly rainy fun because freezing rain happened in the afternoon, but it was still fun! I also made homemade vanilla wafers on Friday with Sister #2 (aka the same one who says she won’t get married), and they were completely gone the next day.

These were very delicious!
Trees in backyard.
Snowpolean, courtesy of Brother #1 and Sister #4
Snowpolean’s army, courtesy of Brother #1 and Sister #4

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