Book Review: Becoming Miss Knight by Kellyn Roth // 4 Stars

Morning, folks!

Becoming Miss Knight is a novella set between The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective, in the Alice & Ivy series, which is about two sisters in Victorian England. It was released just this past Saturday.

I did start one of the earlier versions of TDS, didn’t finish it (sorry, Kel!), and then I read the most recent version of TDS and ohhhh that plot twist…DID NOT SEE IT COMING. Definitely check it out, if you haven’t already! Haven’t finished II yet, but I will.

Anyway, onto the review!

This is a nice story about Alice and Ivy growing up. It’s also got some good advice on marriage. Wish it was longer…

It also alludes to the plot twist of The Dressmaker’s Secret, but steers clear of spoiler territory, so it’s safe to read even if you haven’t read TDS.

Anyway, I’ve got to finish up II and then wait impatiently for the next one to be re-released. Argh…

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