Five Fall Favorites: Holiday

Grab your backpacks! We’re going on a hike to hunt down more books!

Honor All Men // Rebekah A. Morris

Honor All Men

This was a nice little story about honoring veterans.

Heritage of Praise // Rebekah A. Morris

Heritage of Praise

Aww…this one almost made me cry at the end. What a sweet story about an old family tradition…which I kind of want to do now.

Thank You // Rebekah A. Morris

Thank You

This is another good one about honoring our soldiers.

Unto Him // Rebekah A. Morris

Unto Him

Aww, what a sweet story! It reminded me of the beginning of Little Women, when the girls give up their Christmas dinner to their neighbors.

If He Lives // Sarah Holman

If He Lives

Another good story, this time about living life in light of the Resurrection.


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