Five Fall Favorites: Medical

Ready for some feels? Because it’s time to sit down on a bench and wallow in all the feels.

Live Without You // Sarah Grace Grzy

Live Without You

First off, can we just appreciate how pretty that cover is? Let’s just stare at it for a while and drool over the pretty blues and the stars…

Secondly…this is one of my favorite books. Sweet, gradual romances are the best.

Never Say Goodbye // Sarah Grace Grzy

Never Say Goodbye

Oh, this was so sweet! I absolutely love romance novels where the romance just comes on so gradually and subtly that you don’t even notice that it happened until the end.

And oh my word, LITTLE. KID. CHARACTERS. Murrae and Topher were SO adorable!!!

I’m also pretty sure I felt my eyes start to burn at one or two parts??? Such as one or two parts between Alyvia and her dad…

And I love Tyler and Ezra’s friendship – they are so funny.

Also, that line about WA being wet and rainy much of the year – so so accurate.

There was one slight geographical error though: in the second to last chapter, there’s a line about the sun setting behind the Cascades.

Well…Arlington is on the western side of the Cascades, meaning that the sun would be setting behind the Puget Sound/Olympic Peninsula areas.

I also caught one typo and one inconsistency – in the scene where Alyvia’s dad is introduced, his eyes are described as green, but then in another chapter, they’re described as light brown.

BUT ALL IN ALL…this is a good book. I must read it again once I’ve recovered. xD

Left To Die // Hailey Rose

Left to Die by Ivy  Rose

What a sweet story! The romance was a little fast, but hey, it does happen in real life. But I really did like it, and the ending was so cute!

Freedom // Faith L. Potts

Freedom (Liberty's Battlegrounds, #1)

I think this book wanted to make me cry. It dealt with tough subject matters simply and carefully. At one part, I literally heard my heart pounding.


And I’ve added a new OTP to my armada of ships. Actually, make that two, even though we didn’t see much of the other couple interacting. (But it looks like they’ll be the protagonists of Book 2)

But aahhhh, James & Alex’s relationship was so sweet. And Uncle Joe & Aunt Gloria are the best side characters ever; you can fight me on this. xD

I seriously need to get this book on my bookshelf…once it’s back up.

Gift From The Storm // Rebekah A. Morris

Gift from the Storm

A nice, comfy story perfect for a rainy day! I might do a longer review on GR sometime.


Rebekah’s blog:

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  1. I’ve read the last two books-super good, but the first three, I haven’t read. I should read the Sarah Grace Grzy books as they appeared on several blogs.


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