Five Fall Favorites: Epistolary

Here we are, day two of the Five Fall Favorites blog party! Let’s head into the barn and up into the loft!

Sincerely, Jem // Kate Willis

Sincerely, Jem

This is such a cute story!

One Flew Over The Gryphon’s Nest // Kyle Robert Shultz

One Flew Over the Gryphon's Nest (A Beaumont and Beasley Story)

Kyle is a master at plot twists, folks. He weaves in the seeds for them so flawlessly that you don’t even notice until the plot twist happens and then it’s like

*long drawn-out dramatic gasp* “WHAAAAAAAAT?!!?!?” *re-reads* “WHAT.”

Yeah. Even if a plot twist doesn’t make sense at first, it will later.

Humor is also a large part of why I like his books, which are a mish-mash of retold fairytales, legends, and myths all jumbled up, sideways, and upside-down before being turned inside out in ways you’ve never seen those tales retold.

(Also, Malcolm is the best grumpy-mentor/dad-character/dragon with a heart of gold. Just saying)

Tin Can Serenade // Amanda Dykes

Tin Can Serenade

What a darling little story! I especially loved the line about marriage being a waltz!

A Sister’s Burdens // Angie Thompson

A Sister's Burdens (A Heart's Cry, #1)

A sweet story about a brother and sister…and also gives out some good reminders about not jumping to conclusions before the facts come out.

A Bride’s Trouble // Angie Thompson

A Bride's Troubles (A Heart's Cry, #2)

Another sweet story between siblings! I think I liked this one slightly more than the first.


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