Camp NaNo 2020: April

So, which of my bajllion WIPs got to be the lucky one for Camp April this year?

Introducing: Love Has Memory, a historical romance set in Western Washington state in 1905.


A female lighthouse keeper juggling raising her two children and rebuffing the town jerk’s attempts to marry her for the wrong reasons finds her world knocked off-kilter when her thought-to-be-dead sea captain husband reappears, suffering from amnesia.

Temp cover made using a piece of material and one of my lockets.

Sounds juicy, doesn’t it? So much angst and fluff awaits! And I might just share a snippet for the scavenger hunt!

Tell me your thoughts below! Are you participating in Camp NaNo this year?

6 thoughts on “Camp NaNo 2020: April

      1. Hehehe…mine is a fairy tale-ish fantasy-ish repentace story creatively titled….Repent. The first out of a trilogy (except it has a 2.5, apparently, too).


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