It’s Never Cliché…

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Tacoma, Washington, 2007 — Kelly yawned as she pushed open the door to the office with her foot. “Hey, Michaels, do we have any-“

Her sentence cut off upon seeing her partner hadn’t arrived yet. Must’ve slept in again, she thought.

She turned to her desk and blinked. A full bouquet of pink camellias in a glass vase sat on it, along with a tiny folded card.

She set her purse on the chair and exchanged her coffee for the card, which was decorated with only two hearts. Connor’s handwriting greeted her when she opened it.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

It’s never cliche

To say I love you.

Smiling, she set the card back down and leaned over to smell the flowers. When he came in later tonight, she would tell him she loved him too.

©H.S. Kylian 2019

(Critiques are welcome and appreciated!)

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