Book Review: 2018

Another one-review post. Wow, I’m really bad at writing reviews. xD

Savannah (Savannah Quartet #1) / Eugenia Price / 0 Stars*

All I’m going to say is that if you want to read this, be sure you have a few months of free time. Not only is it long and takes place over the course of about a decade, but this is the kind of book that can be read at a leisurely pace; like a rainy day read.

*I can’t remember why I didn’t star it

Just so you all know, the book above tackles difficult subjects, namely, slavery. It’s told in a somewhat brutally honest way too, from what I remember. I never finished reading the second book because I ran out of renewals (library book) and since I didn’t finish #2, I didn’t read #3 and #4. I may eventually read them though.

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