Just A Few Updates…

I know I haven’t been posting much, and the truth is, I’ve been mainly focused on life. Work and other things and such.

I’ve also been making progress on The Woodsman – whoop whoop! Nearly to 20k, to be exact! I plan on this draft to be at least 30k, but when I revise, I’m aiming to add an extra 10-20k. This story keeps expanding, and it may end up as a full-length novel instead of the novella I planned on it being.

Anyway, that’s the first update.

The second update is that I’m not sure I’ll continue writing flash fictions on here anymore. 😦

The thing is, I’m starting to run dry on ideas for even those, and as much as I love writing them, I may need to take a break, especially since I’ve been focusing more and more on one project (aka The Woodsman).

For now, the last flash fic will be Lost At Sea.

The third update is once more about those pesky serial stories I keep promising and yet, they never end up being finished because I’m a lazy writer. (My apologies for that)

So, the serial stories, just like the flash fics, are a no-go. Again.

Fourth update: BOOK REVIEWS!

I’m FINALLY starting those book reviews! I’m starting with older ones first, so it’ll be a while before anything from 2020 gets posted. It should all eventually catch up, so…

Well, time to go write more of that ever-expanding WIP. I hope you all have a great week!

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