How To Name A Series

You’ve come up with the best idea for a book ever! But wait! The characters…they won’t stop talking. So you write a second book. Then a third. Maybe a fourth? (And if it must be a fourth, make it a Toy Story 4 and not Twilight 4)

Or maybe you decide to take it further, and pretty soon, you have the next Chronicles of Narnia or Harry Potter on your hands with seven books. Or maybe you decide to go further a tad and you end up with 9. (Looking at you, Star Wars)

Ultimately, it’s your decision about where it’s appropriate to stop. (*cough* Toy Story *cough*)

Okay, so…let’s say you’ve already determined how far you’ll take your series. Now it’s time to name it.

Let’s give a few examples of what a series could be named. (And yes, I will be using my own series for most of the examples along with how many books I’ve pre-determined for each)

It could be named after…

  • A family. Example: The Matthews Family, 5 books.
  • A Bible passage. Example: A Time For Everything, four books.
  • A place. Example: Tales From Pine Grove, 3 books.
  • A person or people doing something. Example: Outlaws For Justice, 3 books.
  • Legend of (someone or something), (something) Legends, The Chronicles of or The (something) Chronicles. My example: Scottish Legends, 2 books. Other ex: The Chronicles of Narnia and The Spiderwick Chronicles.
  • A person’s name and the (something something). Example: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Whatever the case, the title should adequately describe what or who the series is about.

Tell me your thoughts below!

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