How To Write A Hero

Just realized I didn’t do a character post yesterday like I said I would…whoops.

Another attempt to make fun of tropes.

A hero…

  • Is drop-dead gorgeous
  • Mostly flawless
  • Heroic (okay this one isn’t that bad)
  • Rushes in at the eleventh hour to save the fair damsel in distress
  • Always gets the girl
  • Is almost always motivated by someone’s death, whether it’s a mentor, parent, sibling, spouse, child, friend…

If anyone else has anything, feel free to drop them in the comments below, ’cause I can’t really think of anything else.

14 thoughts on “How To Write A Hero

  1. Ooh, alternatively, he could be brooding and say incredibly hurtful and demeaning things to all the people around him, but no one in the story cares because he’s hot. Except for the villain or that minor character no one in the story cares about who is the only remotely human character in the whole book.
    Yes, I’m bitter, why do you ask? XD


        1. I would think he would be the goody-two shoes? But then, I’ve only watched the 70s movie, I haven’t seen any other movies about him. Do they ever try to go edgy with him?


        2. Hmm…I’ve seen the 70s movie, the 2006 movie, and I saw bits of Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman, but never all the way through. Not sure if he was edgy in those…

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        3. I feel like maybe they tried to make him edgy in the 90s, because everyone was edgy in the 90s, but I’ve never really followed the comic books religiously, so I wouldn’t know.

          I love your blog name, btw. Total side note.


        4. Oh boy. I have a lot of favorites! Cap, Tony, Thor, Nat, Pepper, Spidey, Luis, Scott…etc. (And not necessarily in that order)

          Oh, I think I saw some of that show, actually.

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