Throwback Stories: Robin Hood & Cinderella/The Princess & The Privateer

Here’s tonight’s throwback stories! Another double-up, because these two stories were merged into one.

Robin Hood & Cinderella was a story that involved from an Anastasia-inspired idea. As the title says, it was indeed a mix of the two.

The Princess & The Privateer involved fictional Irish and Welsh kingdoms (I’m not sure about the one being Welsh, actually. Maybe it was a Scottish kingdom?), betrothals, a missing prince, and took place in 1800.

RHAC got further along than TPATP, and I used it for my second attempt at NaNoWriMo.

Eventually, since both were going nowhere, I merged them into Ella & Captain Todd. It’s still a retelling of both the Robin Hood and Cinderella tales, but this time it takes place in Scotland during the latter years of the Golden Age of Piracy.

Some aspects of both scrapped stories remain in EACT, such as both protagonists being separated from their families when they’re young children, Jamie still loses his sight in one eye (not a spoiler given I already posted this), the same characters still die, and there’s still a nice ‘stepsister’, like in the movie Ever After.

Also, I might have a sequel planned too, meaning it’s technically a duology, which I may have named Scottish Legends…and there could be a third book taking place during the Jacobite Rebellion in which a certain couple’s daughter pulls a Mulan to save her father.


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