The Journey Home // Part 1: Midnight Troubles

Idea #2 for the serial story poll:

Westcliffe, Colorado, Present Day – Madison Jennings stared up at the ceiling, repetitively counting the glow-in-the-dark stars that were starting to fade.

If she were still a child, she’d be asking for new ones, but her thirteenth birthday was around the corner and she was getting too old for that kind of stuff.

She turned onto her side and flicked on the lamp on her nightstand. Maybe some light reading could help her take her thoughts off the dream she’d just had.

She grabbed one of the books sitting on the nightstand and began reading. She’d barely gotten a page and a half in when she gave up and admitted to herself it wasn’t working. Tossing the book onto the foot of her bed, she turned once more to the stars.

Why did this particular dream always show up at this time of year?

“Dad, it happened again,” she said the next day at breakfast.

“What happened?” He didn’t even look up from his phone. Typical.

Madison frowned. “That dream I’ve been having since I was a little kid?” she said. “The one where I’m getting abducted?”

“Oh.” As always, he sounded unconcerned. “Like I’ve said before, it’s just your imagination. Stop bringing it up so much.”

Madison sighed. “Fine,” she said. She finished her breakfast and went back to her room to start on her homework. Halfway through math, she grabbed her journal.

Dad’s probably right, she wrote. But I can’t help but think there’s something…off about that dream. Also, why does it come with incredible frequency during June? I’ve had it during the other months of the year too, but June is when I have it the most. 

She thought for a moment. This is going to sound crazy, she continued. But what if that dream has something to do with the fact that I’m not the biological daughter of Brandon and Melissa Jennings? 

© H.S. Killian 2018

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