Your Novel’s Title

Sometimes it comes easily, other times, it takes a few tries before finding the perfect title for your novel.

Below are just a few ideas of what you can base the title off of:

  • A major plot point
  • Character names and/or their roles
  • Objects that are shown in the novel
  • A Bible verse or poem
  • The story’s theme
  • A motif from the story
  • Figures of speech

When you’re writing down potential titles, the important thing to remember is your novel’s title should fit the story. It shouldn’t be something completely unrelated.

And if there comes a time when the title you picked no longer fits because the story changed on you, it’s okay to change it.

Tell me your thoughts below!

2 thoughts on “Your Novel’s Title

    1. Back when my WIP series A Time For Everything was still two books – #1 took place during the war and #2 took place during the 1870s when the characters moved West – I brainstormed with a friend and we came up with over a dozen potential titles for both books.


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